Boudicea Iceni


STR: 18 // 4
DEX: 13 // 1
CON: 14 // 2
INT: 13 // 1
WIS: 11 // 0
CHA: 7 // -2

HP: 15

AC: 14


Skills: Acrobatics, Intimidate, Knowledge (Nature), Perception, Profession (Farmer), Stealth, Survival

Feats: Power Attack & Cleave
Special abilities: Fast movement and rage
Traits: Reactionary (2 INIT) and Conspiracy Hunter (1 Bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Local Knowledge, Perception, Stealth, and Sense Motive)



Boudicea lives with her family on her Uncle Rollo’s farm. They have a small vegetable patch which she is in charge of and on a wider scale the farm specializes in herbs, spices, and aromatics, with a focus on fennel. Occasionally Boudicea helps out with the market, though is often just used for her ability to carry a lot than do any of the selling or socializing. Citizens tend to perceive her as being intimidating and stand-offish. She is very aware of this, but doesn’t know what to do about it, so her intimidation is tempered by her self-consciousness. More often than going to town, Boudicea is in the forest, tracking and killing smaller animals to supplement her family’s meals.

Boudicea’s parents are good people. Her father, Gurim, is an inventor who is proficient in making things, especially increasing efficiency, but has never been able to make very much money with his creations. Boudicea’s mother Poppa is an excellent cook and seamstress though somewhat vapid. She is unquestioning and unfailing in her support of her husband. Gurim’s brother Rollo lets Gurim and Poppa live on his land in exchange for their servitude. Rollo’s wife Gisela died a couple years after the birth of their son Rolf. Boudicea has overheard conversations that suggest Rollo was once a good man, though now he seems to be mostly an empty shell, prone to seeking power, even at his own disadvantage.

Boudicea has two brothers, one older and one younger. The eldest is Eadric, is 22 and can be charming but is quite arrogant; Boudicea is not a fan of him. The youngest, Demetrius, is 15 and very close with Boudicea, who recently turned 17.

As a child Boudicea was often tormented by Eadric. This dynamic went unnoticed by her parents because of the extreme variance between their charisma. As a result, Boudicea is fairly reactionary and spent a lot of time as a child alone in the forest designing miniature cities by moving rocks and logs. She is excellent at building shelters. From early adolescence, she and Demetrius would often practice sparring, pitting her unusual strength against his natural athleticism and dexterity. Their interactions were fiercely competitive yet good-natured. As a result of this pastime, Boudicea developed her natural strength even more, as well as her acrobatics, and accuracy with a weapon. She especially likes to practice hitting one target hard enough that a second is also affected, and occasionally she is successful! Particularly when she aims at birds.

About a year ago an artisan kite maker traveled through town while Boudicea was at market and she became inspired to learn to build kites herself by creating and implementing rudimentary designs based on what she gleaned from her father’s inventions. One particularly bad winter as a child, Boudicea had learned how to read, which has helped her lately to learn kite making not just through trial and error but also by making use of the library. Kite making is the activity that helps her keep her temper in check.

A sort of secret skill that Boudicea possesses is her ability to overhear conversation, as though she socializes vicariously. As a result of this she has strung together information suggesting that there is another side to Cheliax’s lawful evil, where the bad has bled out unpredictably and claims lives and goods. She is wary of the prescribed way of life in Cheliax and suspicious of anyone who seems to revel in it, particularly her brother Eadric.

Approximately two or three weeks ago Rollo announced that he had business to attend to, taking Rolf and her parents with him. Their hasty departure was clearly unplanned and has only fueled Boudicea’s fear of conspiracy.

Boudicea Iceni

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